Volunteer with the Dallas County Family Resource Center

Are you interested in volunteering or need service hours for school or a program? We have multiple areas for volunteering at the Family Resource Center. Whether it's clerical work, volunteering with CASA, helping with events, etc. we have a place for you! If interested or are wanting more information, please contact us via the contact page here on our website, call us at 334-874-7785, or visit us in person at our location.

Help Us Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect in Alabama

Through the Children's Trust Fund of Alabama, there are multiple ways that you can help prevent child abuse and neglect in our state.

Alabama Income Tax Check-Off: This tax season consider donating all or part of your State of Alabama tax return to the Child Abuse Trust Fund. Over 85% of Children's Trust Fund dollars go directly to fund programs that protect our children from abuse and neglect. One of these programs is the Whole Paren Program here at the Family Resource Center. Use your refund to invest in the children of Alabama! This tax deductible donation can be done by simply attaching Schedule DC to your state return and indicate the "Child Abuse Trust Fund (1d) as your preference.

Purchase Keepsake Birth Certificate: Commemorate your child's special day with the gift of a Keepsake Birth Certificate! Choose from three different designs at the low cost $45. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Children's Trust Fun of Alabama. Learn more at http://adph.org/vitalrecords/index.asp?id=4211

Purchase a Children's Trust Fund License Plate: The message should be clear; the prevention of child abuse and neglect is everyone's responsibility. When you buy a Children's Trust Fun License Plate, 92% of the purchase price goes directly to fund community-based programs in Alabama. These tags are available at every County Probate office and are tax-deductible. You can personalize it with any 6 letters and numbers as no additional charge

Visit: www.revenue.alabama.gov/motorvehicle/ctf.cfm to purchase a new tag today.